Meet our team

Simon at Little Car Company


Simon has worked in the Motor trade all of his life, starting early ! (He has photos of him helping out at his fathers garage when only 4 years old !) He is the 4th Generation in his family to be doing so which makes his son Anthony 5th!

After Simon had served his apprenticeship he went on to acquire the very business he trained in. He spent many years working on a variety of vehicles and specialising in the Paint and Body side of the trade. It was from there that Simon was asked by his local Mercedes Benz Dealers to join their ranks. Here he led the Team to achieve Top UK Mercedes Benz Dealer 4 years in a row. Simon's "Passion for Perfection" had finally paid off. It was from here he decided to combine his skills and start his own business Little Car Company.

Simon loves to travel (When he has time!) Enjoys a Pint at his Local Watering Hole and has no idea why you would want pineapple on a Pizza.

Anthony at Little Car Company


Anthony has been with the Little Car Company and worked with the Family Business since he has left school. He is mostly involved with the Advertising and Sales side of the Business. He has a great passion for Cars and Motorbikes and enjoys going out on his own bike. He has a very professional and calm approach to Sales, and mostly enjoys cracking jokes when he can. He had dreams of becoming a MotoGP rider when he was young, but enjoyed working with the business and customers so much he made a career out of it.

"If im not working, Id probably be cleaning my bike somewhere.. I spend more time cleaning it then i do riding it!" - Anthony Little